Communications and Computer Engineering

Department of Communications and Information Engineering and its predecessor, Department of Integrated Systems, were both abolished in 2018 after the educational reform at Tokyo Tech.
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  Department of Information and Communications Engineering, School of Engineering  
Department of Information and Communications Engineering, School of Engineering (local site): Information for Students and Staffs (accessable in campus) 

Faculty Staff

(%)Department Head, (#)Department Secretary (As of October 1, 2015)

Chairs Fields Title Name Email Mail Box
Information Systems Information Processing Circuits Professor
Associate Professor HARA Yuko hara@cad.ce. S3-50
Assistant Professor
Advanced Information Systems (*) Professor INOUE Atsuki inoue@vlsi.ce. S3-71
High-Performance Integrated Systems Algorithms for Integrated Systems Professor UENO Shuichi ueno@eda.ce. S3-57
Associate Professor
Assistant Professor TAYU Satoshi tayu@eda.ce. S3-57
VLSI Design Professor KUNIEDA Hiroaki kunieda@vlsi.ce. S3-65
Associate Professor
Assistant Professor LI Dongju dongju@vlsi.ce. S3-65
Massively Parallel Systems Professor TAKAGI Shigetaka takagi@ec.ce. S3-51
Associate Professor
Communication Systems Information Theory and Communications Professor YAMADA Isao sao@sp.ce. S3-60
Associate Professor (#)KASAI Kenta kenta@comm.ce. S3-61
Assistant Professor MATSUTA Tetsunao tetsu@it.ce. S3-53
Communication Processing Professor (%)FUKAWA Kazuhiko fukawa@radio.ce. S3-52
Associate Professor YAMAOKA Katsunori yamaoka@net.ce. S3-68
Assistant Professor YAMAGISHI Masao myamagi@sp.ce. S3-60
Communication Networks Professor UYEMATSU Tomohiko uematsu@it.ce. S3-53
Associate Professor MATSUMOTO Ryutaroh ryutaroh@it.ce. S3-54
Assistant Professor SATO Hiroki hrs@ec.ce. S3-51
Research Associate KONDO Rumiko kondo@vlsi.ce. S3-46
Intelligent Networks Intelligent Networks (**)
Information Networks Assistant Professor
Advanced Methodologies in Communications and Computer Engineering Professor TAKAHASHI Atsushi atsushi@eda.ce. S3-58
(*) Reserchers from outside the Institute
(**)Cooperative Chair

Center etc. Title Name Email
Global Scientific Information and Computing Center Associate Professor IIDA Katsuyoshi iida@gsic.
Global Scientific Information and Computing Center Professor ISSHIKI Tsuyoshi isshiki@vlsi.ce.

Related Faculty Staff

Affiliation Title Name Email
The Center for Research and Development of Educational Technology Professor NISHIHARA Akinori aki@cradle.
Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Associate Professor SAKAGUCHI Kei
Dept. of Management of Technology Professor OGATA Wakaha wakaha@mot.

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Last modified: October 5, 2015